Alternatives in Counseling: holistic perspectives

Holistic is the Combination and Inclusion of Mind, Body and Spirit


People experiment with drugs for many different reasons. Many first try drugs out of curiosity, to have a good time, because friends are doing it, or in an effort to improve athletic performance or ease another problem, such as stress,... Continue Reading →

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In Search of Healthy Intimate Sexuality!

We are created as sexual beings at the deepest level of our psyche. Sexual self-esteem is very important, because it affects how you think, act and even how you relate to other people. It allows you to live life to... Continue Reading →

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The Marriage Minute ~ Gottman Institute

The one big thing in marriage is trust.  Can I trust you to be there for me when I’m upset?  Can I trust you to choose me over your friends?  Can I trust you to respect me? We've learned that... Continue Reading →

The Marriage Minute ~ Gottman Institute

Honor and Respect Fondness and admiration are two of the most crucial elements in a rewarding and long-lasting romance.  Although happily married couples may feel driven to distraction at times by their partner's flaws, they still feel that the person... Continue Reading →

Emotional Toxins and Detox

We often hear about toxins from the environment and how they affect our health and well being. Emotional toxins can be as damaging as any poison! Emotional toxins may result in issues related to the following: Developmental Immaturity Core Issues... Continue Reading →

Solutions from Emotional Pain!

Together we find solutions that work specifically for you. Together we find effective ways of moving forward. Skills gained from fifteen years of trauma and abuse recovery work within the medical model of psychotherapy are applied through the holistic approach... Continue Reading →

The Marriage Minute ~ Gottman Institute

Practice, practice, practice Communication skills need to be practiced, and it's important to keep trying even when you're tired and don't feel like it.  We call this "over learning," doing something so many times that it becomes second nature. The goal... Continue Reading →

The Miracle is in the Journey

Today I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with David McCauley, we spoke of our passion for helping others overcome emotional and physical pains from the past. David E. McCauley,  Author of Addiction to Recovery / Unlocking your Potential  and founder of the... Continue Reading →

The Marriage Minute ~ Gottman Institute

Every positive thing you do is foreplay Books on relationships rarely talk about sex. Books on sex rarely talk about relationships. You'd never know the two were intimately connected from strolling the aisles of your local bookstore. When sex becomes... Continue Reading →

Sexual Abuse ~ Sexual Assault

At NO time is Sexual Violence about sex - it's about unhealthy Power and Control! Sexual violence holds no bias for gender, age, culture, ethnicity, economics or any status..... We are created as sexual beings at the deepest level of... Continue Reading →

Testimonials ~ what former client’s say

*"Cheryl Wheeler is an amazing Life Coach and counseler. In the years that I worked with her she has been an amazing wholehearted, coach/counselor. Always going up and beyond to help me feel grounded. Her ability to speak with gentleness... Continue Reading →

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