The magic of the six-second kiss ~ Gottman Marriage Minute

Dr. John Gottman has an interesting bit of advice for couples. He says, “Don’t leave home without a kiss that lasts six seconds.”

Kissing does wonders for you; it releases oxytocin, which makes you feel a sense of comfort and bonding, and dopamine, which activates your brain’s reward center.

Those butterflies in your stomach? They come from epinephrine and norepinephrine, which increase your heartbeat and send oxygenated blood to your brain.

Some studies have even shown that kissing can cause a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, which could help lower your blood pressure.

Share a kiss every day lasts at least six seconds. Why six seconds? Because it’s long enough to feel romantic.

Plus, as John Gottman likes to say, “A six-second kiss is a kiss with potential. It’s a kiss worth coming home to.”


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Couples Relationship session following completion of Gottman Relationship Assessment Tool.  (60 – 90 min)  The  Relationship Tool Questionnaire will be sent directly to each person separately from The Gottman Institute; the cost is included in this package.

It’s  possible to evaluate your relationship to recognize areas for improvement, as well as recognize areas of strength!

Couples Relationship Coaching  (60 – 90 min):  We are hard wired to attach through relationships, attachment with others is innate. The main reason that people seek sessions are related to problems with relationships. Such problems might  arise at home, at work, or they might appear as a general feeling of  not fitting in. Relationships are all around us, relationship with  others not only intimately.


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Transformational coaching removes the pathological or pathogenic aspects that the medical disease model of mental disorders prescribes. No longer is the  client viewed as ill with a diagnosis in need of treatment.  Transformational coaching is a process of implementing critical thinking  into action, by testing hypothesis, and applying analytical thinking. Transformational coaching develops a working relationship in “creating a  future”, rather than “getting over” the past. Trained as a psychotherapist I’ve come to find a  more fulfilling  approach to helping others through the practice of  “Transformational  Life Coaching”. Online, telephone or in person.

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Cheryl Wheeler, MA *only providing Life Coaching Services. Please note coaching sessions are not to be considered psychotherapy in nature, and are not appropriate for Serious Mental Health Illness’.

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