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Hours flexible to meet your individual needs. All virtual video sessions are secure through “WeCounsel” platform. Can be paid for in advance online via WeCounsel.


NOW offering Health and Wellness products from MirorCore, LLC and Solaris Plant Science LLC.

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About MirorCore

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MirorCore products are a unique, proprietary blend of amazing essential plant oils that work ‘wonders’ from first aid to sanitizing food, cleaning your home…and maintaining wellness! Remember this…Miror means ‘wonder’.

In summary, MirorCore products recognize the good cells in and on our bodies and begin working to regenerate and rejuvenate them while breaking down and destroying the debris of every bad cell they come in contact with.

MIROR EPF™ Science

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About Solaris Plant Science

After years of selling our products principally through healthcare providers, we’re immensely excited to finally release these clinical  grade nutraceuticals to the world at large. Acting as the foundation of  all of our products, the Catalyst base formula has been the subject of  several university studies and countless reports from practitioners who  contact us with story after story, amazed by the responses they’re  getting. Over the years, we’ve collected literally thousands of these  reports ranging from impressive to extraordinary.



Measuring success is something you will  be able to see and feel first hand. I have worked with many people, male  and female. Once we begin to understand the origin (beginnings) of what is holding one back, then we can  observe the patterns and move forward.

Transformational  coaching removes the pathological or pathogenic aspects that the  medical disease model of mental disorders prescribes. No longer is the  client viewed as ill with a diagnosis in need of treatment.  Transformational coaching develops a working relationship in “creating a  future”, rather than “getting over” the past.

Coaching sessions  are a safe and supportive space for personal growth and change to take  place – a journey of self-exploration we take together. As an  Transformational Coach, I will share observations and ask questions that  assist to the achievement of your individual goals!

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Office Locations:

  • Ahwatukee – Thursday’s 2-8pm
  • Scottsdale  – Weekday’s 9am – 5pm
  • Midtown Phoenix – Weekday’s 9-8pm and weekend’s 9-2pm
  • Virtual Video Online – Hours flexible to meet your individual needs. All virtual video sessions are secure through “WeCounsel” platform. Can be paid for in advance online via WeCounsel.


Find a provider in your area through such sights as Psychology Today at In the Phoenix area, or for more resource information,


*Coaching sessions are not covered by insurance, however, they are covered by: Flex Spending Accounts (FLEX) & Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

** All services provided as Transformational Life Coaching, not psychotherapy. Ages: adult (18 – elder). Female & male. Please note, Serious Mental Illness’, are NOT appropriate for Coaching, (example: schizophrenia, paranoid psychotic disorders, etc).